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Don’t Wait to Replace Your Roof

You’ve probably noticed a leak in your roof, and you’re waiting until you can get them replaced before you do something about it. Here are some reasons you shouldn’t wait to get your roof replaced.

#1. Roof damage can be worsened by bad weather

Even with weather forecasts, the weather is very unpredictable, and you can’t be sure what will happen next. There may be a huge rainstorm, lightning storm, or something worse that could turn the tiny roof leak into something worse. You must get small damages fixed while waiting to replace them.

#2. Small problems tend to grow bigger and more expensive to fix

The more you wait to repair or replace your roof, the bigger the damages get. A small leak a few weeks ago is probably a gaping hole now. And the bigger the problem, the more costly it is to fix.

It’s much better to handle roof problems when they’re still small, easy to fix, and a lot cheaper because fixing small damages is still cheaper than replacing the entire roof of your building.

#3. A stitch in time saves nine

The sooner you fix damages to your roof, the better for you because it prevents the damages from getting worse and, in turn, saves you a lot of money. You can never overemphasize the importance of timing; the quicker it’s done, the better for you.

It is also very possible to lose out on your insurance due to poorly maintained roofs. If there’s a storm that damages your roof, the insurance provider could claim that damages would have been avoided if the roofs were in good condition in the first place.

#4. The roof may get damaged beyond repairs

It’s a fabulous idea to have your roof replaced with a brand new roof. However, this is both time-consuming and very costly to pull off. Damages that aren’t fixed early may grow beyond repair, and you’d have to break the bank to get the entire roof replaced before the damage gets even worse.

#5. You stand the risk of growing mold in your house

Unrepaired damages to your roof allow excess moisture into your house, a breeding ground for mold. This is harmful to your house and your health, especially if you or any other resident has respiratory problems. Removing mold is also quite expensive and may require you to vacate the premises during the process.

#6. Repairing damages on time can protect the value of your property

Nobody wants to buy a house with major roof problems, so if you’re looking to sell your house or property, ensure that all roof damages are fixed on time. Homebuyers with a keen eye for detail lookout for things like how well your roof has been maintained, and they can spot poorly maintained roofs.

The roof is a major part of any building, so it would be quite difficult to hide faults. A house with little or no roof repairs needed has a higher post-sale value.

Don’t hesitate to fix all your roof problems the right way. Contact Expanded Roofing today!


A small leak can turn into an expensive repair job. Fortunately, Expanded Roofing is home to a skilled roof builder who will replace your roof in a flash. We'll examine your roof thoroughly and then walk you through our roof replacement process so you're not left in the dark.

Call Expanded Roofing at
682-429-7012  right away to get a project estimate. We offer new roof installation services to residents of Garland & Rockwall, TX.

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