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Expanded Roofing & Restoration provides services for a wide range of roof repairs. From large scale repairs to smaller repairs, we can get the job done promptly. A small flaw in your roof can turn into a massive problem over time, so it's important to get it assessed as soon as possible to avoid more repairs. Our roof repair experts will find and repair the issue efficiently. You can also count on us to work with your insurance agency to make sure that you get the coverage you need. We are here to make the process as easy as possible so you can have peace of mind. We strive to be a resource for all things roofing, so you know what to look for regarding your roof. 

How do you know when you need roof repairs? Watch out for signs like:

  • Curling or buckling shingles

  • Shingle granules in your gutters

  • A sagging roof deck

  • Light peeking into your attic

Contact Expanded Roofing & Restoration, the #1 roofing company TX offers, to arrange for our expert roof repair services.

Roof Storm Damage Repaired by Roofing Company TX



  • How often do I have to replace my roof?
    Roofs are typically made of different materials that primarily determine their durability. That is to say that what determines the frequency at which you have to replace your roof is the type of material used. Other important factors are ventilation and installation. When all of these factors are jointly considered, giving a precise expiry date for a roof can be difficult. Generally speaking, a good, quality roof should last for as much as 15 years before requiring any major renovation. Depending on the shingles and roof underlayment, it should last for up to 30 years or more. If the quality is of the highest grade, it should last for more than 50 years before needing replacement.
  • How much does a new roof cost?
    Again, some factors determine this, causing the price of a new roof to rise or fall, as the case may be. These factors include access to the roof, roof size, the condition of your present roof, choice of installation, membrane and insulation, roof penetrations, and a warranty type. All of these factors combined will determine the price of your new roof. If you choose to have advanced installations and fixations, then you will have to pay more. You should get a recommendation from a roofing expert (after a roof survey) to determine exactly how much it will cost to get a new roof.
  • When is the most appropriate time to change my roof?
    There is no best time to change your roof. If you want a quick and efficient job, then you should look to change your roof in the summer or fall. This is because some weather conditions can hinder the progress of your roofing project, as contractors will often have to pause the job to take shelter from snowstorms and hail. It could also be that the reduced demand for roofing contractor services in spring and winter will result in getting your project completed in a timely fashion.
  • Are geographic/climatic conditions important in determining my choice of a roof?
    Your geographic location plays a huge role in your choice of roof. You will have to choose whether to get a roof resistant to a high volume of rainfall, snow, or hail, as the case may be.

If your roof needs some attention, get in touch with a roofing contractor who can perform the repairs and maintenance you need. We can patch up your roof so that you don't have to worry about water seeping into your home. 

682-429-7012  now to speak to a roofing contractor in Garland, TX.

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