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Spring-cleaning checklist for your roof:

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

As the weather warms and the trees bloom, families begin to spend more time outside to take advantage of the season.People rarely consider spring cleaning their roofs. However, it's vital to remember that your roof, especially after the harsh winter months, requires some sensitive love and care as well. That is why we have created a complete spring-cleaning checklist for your roof.

1. Tackle Your Gutters

The first step to a perfect spring cleaning for your roof is to start with the gutters. After the winter months, they're likely to be blocked with trash and fading leaves. Even if you did an excellent job cleaning them out in the fall, time will eventually catch up with you. The first step in cleaning gutters is to clear all the debris. You'll need a sturdy ladder. Make sure all the safety precautions are met while cleaning the gutters on your roof. Move to your downspout once you are done with clearing all the visible parts of your gutter. Cleaning or unclogging the downspout can be a bit tricky. You can try using a hose or a plumber's snake for hard reach areas.

After you've cleaned your gutters, inspect them for any damage. Make sure nothing is sagging, there are no holes, and no fasteners are missing.

If you find this part difficult, you can always seek professional help with one of our professional roofers at Expanded roofing & Restoration, call us at (682) 429-7012

2. Inspect The Roof

Shingles are your roof's first line of defense. They are the little, overlapping rectangular sections that cover your roof. While not all buildings use shingles, the majority of private dwellings do. Make a point of paying close attention to them as you go through your spring-cleaning checklist. But always make sure you do not do a pressure wash your shingles as it tends to loosen them. When inspecting the roof, you need to look for the following:

• Missing Shingles • Curling Shingles • Blistering Shingles • Buckling Shingles • Stained Shingles To be able to better determine whether your roof needs any repair or maintenance work done, you can always look for a professional opinion with on our roof inspectors Expanded roofing & Restoration, call us at (682) 429-7012

3. Keep An Eye Out for Mold

While inspecting your roof, keep an eye out for any signs of mold and mildew. If found early enough, it is usually simple to cure without causing major issues. As mold and mildew grow, they seep into the foundation and cause more issues. In case you find early signs of mold, or even mold itself, you can always call on of our experienced Roofers at Expanded Roofing & Restoration to determine if the mold can be treated and cured or would you need to replace those layers or if you need to have a complete roof replacement .

4. Trim Branches

Trees, believe it or not, are some of the most serious risks to your roof. Hanging branches and overgrown plants might jeopardies the structural integrity of your roof. Trimming the branches of your yard's trees is the best way to avoid damage. Trimming the branches of surrounding trees also means you'll spend less time raking leaves from your gutters in the future. But again, prefer hiring a professional for tree pruning. It can be a safety risk to do it by yourself.

5. Check From the Inside Out

Checking inside for any damage is an often-overlooked part in spring cleaning your roof. Inspect your attic and look around from the inside out. If you notice any light seeping in, you most certainly have a hole in your roof. Look for water damage and mold growth as well. If you don't see anything but smell something, don't ignore it, and get your attic inspected for mold. To better determine whether the damages need repairs or replacement, our experience roofers at Expanded Roofing & Restoration will be able to help you get better insights.

6. General Wear and Tear

Keep an eye out for regular wear and tear that happens over time. General wear and tear is usually easy to see, whether it's large patches of rust on the gutters or parts of your roof that appear to be sagging.

A professional can see which parts of your roof need immediate attention. Expanded Roofing & Restoration provides professional roof inspection services and gives you and comprehensive report within 30 minutes of arriving at your home.


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