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Signs your roof has storm damage

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

A roof is an essential component of a home or business for protection and stability. When your roof is not performing at its best, there may be a problem preventing it from doing so. If there was a wind or rainstorm recently, that may be the reason that your roof is not functioning as it should. Rain, wind, and other weather elements can hinder your roof and cause leaks, discoloration, and more. At Expanded Roofing & Restoration, our mission is to provide the highest quality of service to help with all of your roofing issues. We understand the different issues that can hinder a roof's success and efficiently replace it. Expanded Roofing & Restoration employs experienced roofing contractors who offer prompt and affordable services. Enlist our skilled roofers to give you peace of mind. Below, we break down of few of the signs indicating that your roof suffered storm damage.

Signs your roof has sustained damage from a storm

Water damage

One of the main signs of storm damage to the roof is noticeable through water damage in the house. Some visible signs include dark or wet spots on the wall or ceiling, flaking drywall, wet spots around sinks, toilets, and taps. If you notice a moldy odor coming from your home, or a foul smell from your plumbing fixtures, that is also a sign that the storm has wreaked havoc on your roof.

Broken and missing shingles

Do you notice broken or missing shingles from your roof? If you see broken shingles from just looking up at your roof, that is an issue likely due to storm damage. You can take a look at your roof and see if there are any curled, cracked, or torn shingles. Wood shingles may show signs of splitting or decay, while flat roofs may have cracks, tears, or wrinkles; it depends on the roof that you have.

Leaky & clogged gutters

Leaking and clogged gutters often indicate roof storm damage. Whether it be from an intense thunderstorm or heavy winds, these weather elements can wreak havoc on the structure and integrity of your roof. With leaky and clogged gutters, your roof can leak, and mold can potentially grow. A leaky gutter can cause a wide range of issues and potentially cause drainage issues down the line. If you notice a leaky and clogged gutter, it's important to contact a professional.


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