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Roofers Tomball Texas

We Know Tomball Roofing Like No Other

Texas is known for its extreme weather, which can get pretty nasty. If you live in Tomball, you are no stranger to storms, winds, and tornadoes. Many residents still remember the effects of Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

It's a given that these elements can rip your roof to shreds and damage your property. Thankfully, the number one roofers in Tomball Texas is here to help. Whenever you need us, during emergencies or for routine repairs and installation, you can count on us!

Roofing Services Tomball Texas

Whether you need roofing replacement for your business in Tomball or want to have a pro look at the storm-damaged roof in your home, we can handle the job from start to finish.

Commercial Roofing

In a business organization like yours, safety and increase in the company's bottom line are top priorities. We are aware of this at Expanded Roofing & Restoration, which is why we use quality materials for a long-lasting roof and fix your roof quickly without disrupting operations.

Residential Roofing

Protect your home, family, and belongings with top-rated residential roofing in Tomball Texas. Whether you need a complete replacement of the existing roof or want to repair a damaged section, our experienced roofing crew are up to the task.

Insurance Claims

If your roof has massive storm, hail, or wind damage, you don't have to worry about the cost of repairs. We'll provide a free, thorough assessment, provide an estimate, and smoothen the way with your insurance company so you can get your roof fixed without delays.

Roof Repairs

Most times, you don't need to reroof. But small problems can quickly escalate into huge and costly issues. Whether your attic is leaking, you have damaged roof shingles, or you need emergency roof repair, the expert roofers Tomball Texas can help.

Roof Replacement

Your home is a huge asset, and you should do all you can to protect it. When you need a reliable roofer, we know just what you want. Whether you need to replace damaged or dated roofs or want new installations, we can help.

Storm Damage Repair

As one of the leading roofers in Tomball Texas, we know just how devastating storm damage can be. When you contact us, we'll be there before you know so we can assess the situation and quickly do a repair.

The Expanded Roofing Difference

You may ask, "what makes you different?" Here they are:

Quality Materials

Expanded Roofing & Restoration makes use of only the best materials available. Whether you need shingle replacement or a complete reroofing service, our premium materials are guaranteed to prolong your investment.

Professional Standard

We are A+ roofers in Tomball, Texas. Our roofers are continually trained to the highest possible standards. They are up to date on the latest techniques and methods in the industry. When it's us, you have no doubt about the professionalism and quality of work.

Community Driven

We are members of the local Tomball community, and we're proud of it! When we work with you, we don't see another client; we see a member of the family, giving you the first-class treatment and service families get.

18 Years Experience and Counting

We bring over 18 years of quality craftsmanship and unmatched customer service to the table when we work with you. With these qualities and more, we offer you exceptional service unmatched by any competitor.

Contact the #1 Roofers In Tomball Texas

Expanded Roofing & Restoration is a leading roofing company providing quality services for businesses and homeowners in and around Tomball, Texas. As a family-owned and local business, we take pride in the smiles we've put on the faces of happy customers, evidenced by numerous 5-star reviews on Google.

No matter the extent of the damage, the slope of your roof, the size of your building, or the type of roofing you have or want, we'll give you a roofing service you'd be proud of for years. Request an appointment today.


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